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[24 May 2004|01:49pm]
this is my new lj. a_singlemistake .
i was really sick of fatzilla, it was time for a change. but anyways im not deleting my old lj because i want to remember everything that has happened before.


sorry zach that i took this username you screen name that you gave me sparked an idea to change my lj name. :)

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[24 May 2004|10:17am]

No one comments in my lj anymore...



am i not loved?

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[24 May 2004|08:44am]

mmm pretty much a horrible day yesterday. i totally took how i was having a shitty day on max and i made everything horrible. we got in like 234576567635496tjfdf3543454 fights and then i ignored him for a while and then we like cried. i felt bad because he cried. i felt bad not because he was was upset but because he was crying over me. and so i go to ashleys for a little while and that makes me feel a little better. oh and alex it doesnt matter if zach knows. we arent in second grade no one cares about crushes anymore. but back to my story. i went to mcdonalds and on the way there my mom and me saw a homeless guy and the end of the road holding a sign that said "&homeless, will work" i secertly turned around and like cried. i felt so bad. and so i got home and talked on the phone for a while with max. we talked out a lot of things but things we are still unsure of. hopefully things will work out. but we really need to talk on tuesday. and no matter what max i love you with all my heart. so i my mom kicked me off the phone and i did combat style and grabbed the phone at like almost 12 and i was going to call max because i thought it was like 10 and i dial his number half way and realize that his parents would flip, so i called my toots zach. im so glad zach is there for me anytime. i dont have a lot of good guys friends but recently im glad to have found zach and max. they are amazing guys and make me realize that there are good guys out there. but zach and i ended up talking till almost 3 and i wasnt tired and i wasnt really tired when i woke up this morning. zach and i as usual had a good conversation. ohhhhhhhhh babbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy ha. thanks again zach for being there. <3yatoots.

*max everything will be okay.*


                            pinky swear.

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nanner [20 May 2004|08:51am]
come on and kiss me.Collapse )
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woooohoo. [18 May 2004|01:45pm]

new email          







send away.

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[18 May 2004|12:43pm]

i found out how to change font and color and such.im so excited.





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[18 May 2004|08:45am]
sitting in the library with lisa. i am writing about this because she felt bad because i didnt update yesterday and tell everyone that i was in the writers work shop with her.
k so here it is lisa yes i am using the bold
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okay [17 May 2004|12:29pm]
sitting in the computer lab with Jenn. bored, but having fun on livejournal. yesterday hung out with max. we went on a picnic on this like big hill thing. the whole day was just so fun and amazing. i think it was the best time i have ever had with max. i cant wait for summer because its going to be the best summer i can tell.

i love you max.
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[16 May 2004|03:06am]
at maxs house because i am always here but yeah anyways. i went to my papas funeral yesterday. wow, i never want to go to one of those again. it was horrible. i cried and cried none stop till the very end because it was over. but still, wow i dont like it. max didnt want to go i guess because he didnt feel right about going, but i wanted him there but it was how he felt so i cant blame him. zach is a great kid and im glad he has been there for me lately. him and max are my two guys i go to now and they are amazing. on friday after i went to like a get together for my papa i hung out wit alex, zach, ashley and tim. and tim was being a total ass for no reason which is totally not cool because i mean what have we done to him. nothing but oh well. so we were all sitting in zachs car and i started to cry. and zach gave me a big hug which i needed. and then ashley and alex went in and zach walked me to my door and gave me like 32435 hugs and told me to feel better. im glad if i dont have max there to comfort me i have other people.

i love you max.
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[14 May 2004|04:24am]
Rebecca 8889: shut up you poop head
FB 48 15 00: why are u acting like this
Rebecca 8889: because you hung up on me and you are a poop head
FB 48 15 00: fine
Rebecca 8889: i'm eating pizza
FB 48 15 00: cool
Rebecca 8889: or soon shall be
FB 48 15 00: k
FB 48 15 00: so u gonna talk to suzzannnnne
Rebecca 8889: mmmm no
FB 48 15 00: why\
Rebecca 8889: because i dont want to talk to you and you told me not to call you so im not going to
FB 48 15 00: ok im serious i dont need to deal with your bull shit ok
Rebecca 8889: good for you
FB 48 15 00: i mean it dont talk to me again
FB 48 15 00: i dont care about u
FB 48 15 00 signed off at 4:22:49 AM.

yup okay mike thats why you will be calling me soon or try to talk to be again but nope sorry this was your last time and its gone adios.
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[13 May 2004|11:11am]
i love you grandpa, i will miss you. you were a fantistic man. and everyone loved you. you are in a better place now.

May 11 2004.
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[10 May 2004|10:49am]
so friday i hung out with max, suzanne and alex. and we played outside and went to malletts bay. it was really fun. we watched texas chainsaw masacre or however you spell it. and then saturday, mm.. i hung out with suzanne. and we went to my house, then we hung out with camden and made a big mess out of his whole house. and sunday *mothers day* hung out with max and suzanne. suzanne and i made maxs mimi and my mimi cookies.my dog ate some and got sick. we went to maxs, and we went swimming. i jumped in and i thought i was going to die because it was sooooo fucking cold. and max jumped in and started like flipping and turned like white and almost cried pretty much, it laughed so hard. so we were driving home and making faces at people in the car and couldnt stop laughing. nananannananana. and then at my house me and suzanne took a walk down to the water and it was really pretty. everytime i hang out with suzanne we have such a great time no matter what.<3 you sissy. and everyone was like crying yesturday, right suzanne?

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[07 May 2004|12:15pm]
1.Go into your LJ's archives.
2.Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3.Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4.Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight

haha i was singing.
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shake it. [07 May 2004|11:24am]
okay so, today has been such a crazy fucked up day and im glad that i get to see max tonight or i think i would die. and just for further reference if you dont like me then dont waste your breath by talking to me. obviously if you dont like me then you shouldnt be talking to me or about me. and if you are going to talk about me then obivously you dont understand the concept that i dont want to talk to you and i dont want to hear you run it. k thanks. and face your problems dont talk behind peoples back, its rude and dumb because if you are going to talk about people then you might as well tell them to there faces about how you feel.

dont hide behind your true feelings.

love becca.
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PS [07 May 2004|10:57am]
max got his hair CUT.
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[07 May 2004|10:52am]
one month for me and max yesturday!

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stole from indiefucks [04 May 2004|01:30pm]
title or description
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really bored. [04 May 2004|01:05pm]
take that, rewind it back.Collapse )
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oh yeah [04 May 2004|12:57pm]
[ mood | fgdfg ]

and max isnt going to alaska which means he will be here on my birthday.


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holy fucking shit. [04 May 2004|11:06am]
cant it get any worse? seriously so much stuff has been happening so i will put it in an lj-cut.
goodbye to you.Collapse )
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